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About us


We prepare and supply home-cooked Guyanese food, inspired by my mum's words...

‘Love is the key ingredient’

Chef Monica Barry

aka Mimi

Monica hails from Guyana, South America where she grew up in a culture shaped by African, East Indian, Amerindian, Chinese, Portuguese, European and Creole influences.

This mirrors the ethnic make-up of the country and provides the backdrop for a mouthwatering fusion of tastes and flavours.


Blue Avocado was launched in 2008 at our first official event, as the caterers for Nottinghill Carnival’s delegates and staff.

Based in South London we have gone from strength to strength catering for both large and small functions.

In recent years we have developed our offer further responding to the increasing demand for vegan and vegetarian menus while staying true to our roots - nature’s kitchen with a Caribbean kick.


The vision of Blue Avocado came about when the Founder and Chef Monica Barry aka Mimi, realised in 2008, that there was an unmet desire for high quality, home-cooked Guyanese food. Spurred on by her success at the Carnival she set to work, inspired by her Mum’s words - the secret to every recipe is simple ‘love is the key ingredient’.

Blue Avocado prides ourselves in demonstrating to the wider community how diverse and flavoursome Caribbean vegan and vegetarian food can really be.


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